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Start your Own Printer Cartridge Refilling Business

Start your Own Printer Cartridge Refilling Business

Inkjet and Toner Refill Store Business OpportunityOne of the greatest business opportunities in today's market is the remanufacturing of inkjet and toner printer cartridges. Cartridge refilling is an industry that is emerging, environmentally friendly, and best of all, offers excellent profitability.

Quickfill Online provides everything necessary to start your own cartridge refilling business. Since 2001, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs open their own inkjet and toner refilling operation. We design and manufacture ink refill machines and other equipment for inkjet and toner cartridge refilling-remanufacturing. Our vast experience makes us one of the leading companies in the cartridge recycling industry.


If you want to start a cartridge refill business, consider these benefits:


1. Unlimited Business Opportunity

Business is about finding opportunities and taking full advantage of them. Cartridge recycling is a fast growing industry, with great earning potential. There are millions of potential customers. Virtually every home and business has an inkjet or laser printer. Cartridge refilling is a multi-billion dollar industry. Now is the time to get started in this great and exciting business opportunity. There is still room to grow as more people are becoming aware of this service.

2. Affordable start-up investment

To start your own cartridge refilling business requires minimal investment. Quickfill Online has done all the work for you and put together a Starter Package for Inkjet Refilling and a Starter Package for Toner Remanufacturing. These packages include the most necessary equipment and supplies for the most popular cartridges in the market. This is a suggested initial investment. We can work with you to help you decide what is right for your business.


3. Rapid Return On Investment (ROI)

With a markup on refilled inkjet cartridges greater than one thousand percent, the profit to retailers with the Quickfill inkjet cartridge refilling system is tremendous. At this gross margin rate, a store that refills 25 cartridges per day, will realize a payback on the purchase price of the starter package in less than one month. At 10 refills per day, the Return on Investment for the Inkjet Starter Package is less than three months.


4. Comprehensive training program

Quickfill Online offers professional Cartridge refilling Training for both toner and inkjet cartridges and includes our operating manuals. This comprehensive training program is designed to give you all the technical know-how you need. We can provide training videos for those who cannot join us, but we believe you will gain more by being here because you can ask questions, see demonstrations and have a hands-on experience with the equipment and supplies. Furthermore, our technical support doesn’t end with the training. Our dedicated, ongoing support structure will help you every step of the way.


5. Ongoing supply of inkjet and toner parts and components

Once your new cartridge refilling business is up and running, Quickfill Online can help you with all your compatible inkjet and toner suppliesneeds. Our online store offers a complete line of bulk inks, toners, chips, tools, packaging supplies, etc.


6. Perfect add-on profit center for an existing business

Do you have an existing business? Cartridge recycling is the perfect add-on profit center. It can potentially increase the traffic and profitability of your Pack and Ship, Computer, Printing store and many others.


7. Save your customers money

The cartridge refilling business is a recession proof business. It is actually recession friendly; in difficult economic times everyone tries harder to cut costs. Refilling printer cartridges is without a doubt a great way to save money for both individuals and companies that rely on vast quantities of printing to run their businesses. You will be helping others save money and make some money for yourself in the process.


8. Great Impact in the Community

You can conduct fundraisers for community organizations, such as schools, Scouts, churches, etc. by having them collect empty inkjet and toner cartridges. You will be helping these organizations while getting what you need: empty cartridges to refill. This builds goodwill in your community and more awareness of your services.


9. Great Environmental impact

Why recycle printer cartridges? You would be helping our planet by refilling and reusing empty inkjet and toner cartridges, rather than having them end up in the local landfills. Large corporations are always recycling and they love to help out with environmental concerns. Locate one in your area and you could probably get empties for free.


What will set you apart from the competition

The biggest challenge the print cartridge refilling industry faces is operators who are out for a quick buck. In order for the remanufacturing industry to gain full acceptance and trust, it needs entrepreneurs who are committed to operating ethically and producing a quality product.

If you are someone who wants to build a business based on quality of product and service, you have come to the right place.


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