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Common questions about the Inkjet and Toner Refilling business

What does it mean to refill ink jet cartridges?
Refilling means recycling an inkjet cartridge, mostly cartridges containing the print head on the cartridge itself. Refilling is good for the environment and can save you a lot of money on your cartridge cost, too.
How many times can I refill a cartridge?
You can refill a cartridge until the cartridge wears out. There is no fixed answer to this question because it varies from cartridge to cartridge. In general, you can recycle a cartridge up to 8 to 10 times, but it just depends on the cartridge's condition.
When is time to refill a cartridge?
It is always recommended to refill a cartridge before it runs completely dry or to refill an empty cartridge immediately. Otherwise, ink may dry out and block the print head. The print head consists of very thin, small nozzles backed by a thermal resistor that boils and cools the ink. Educate your customers to bring the cartridge you be refilled as soon as possible and to keep it in a ziplock bag to minimize this problem.
Will refilling void the OEM's warranty on my printer?
No. The truth is, you can use whatever replacement cartridge you want in your printer. Simply put, it is illegal for a printer manufacturer to require you to purchase or use a particular brand of cartridge.
What is the proper way to handle a cartridge?
Always handle a cartridge with care. Do not touch the nozzles with your hands. When the cartridge sits outside the printer unwrapped, the ink will dry out and the nozzles may get clogged.
You cannot get a good print output with the blocked cartridge after it is refilled. Educate your customers to bring the cartridge you be refilled as soon as possible and to keep it in a ziplock bag to minimize this problem.
Is the ink quality important?
Yes, ink quality makes a big difference. The print head on the cartridge may get clogged or destroyed by the ink that cannot match the OEM's specifications such as drying time, density, boiling points, viscosity, surface tension, L*a*b* color values and PH value.
Where do I find empty cartridges and how do I collect empty cartridges
There are thousands of great empty cartridge sources in the U.S. and around the world. Banks, insurance related businesses, stock brokerage firms and financial related institutions, hospitals, government agencies. Let’s keep it simple: Any company that generates a lot of paperwork, also generates a lot of empty cartridges.
Quickfill Online can help your business collect empty cartridge through a "Cash for Trash" program that can be implemented as fundraisers in schools, churches, boys and girl scouts clubs, etc.
Why would companies sell or donate their empty cartridges to me?

Most companies have printers, copiers and fax machines that use copy cartridges, toner cartridges and ink cartridges. All original equipment cartridge manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon, Sharp, Panasonic and others ask their cartridge users to return empty cartridge back to them, the original manufacturer... BUT THEY DON'T PAY THE SENDER FOR RETURNED CARTRIDGES.
These manufacturers try to push on their cartridge users that it is good for the environment to return their empty cartridge (for free) to them. Many companies send back their cartridges to the original manufacturer and many companies simply throw them in the trash. Either way, they don't get a cent.


Persuading your prospective customers to sell their cartridges to you is no sales pitch. You are providing your customer with additional revenue by purchasing something from them that they throw in the trash or gave away for free. If you are a non-for-profit fundraising group, most people and companies would want to help your organization by donating their empty cartridges instead of throwing them in the trash (Ultimately these non-biodegradable cartridges would end up in landfills) or giving them away for free.

There is really only one question you need to ask your perspective customer...


Which cartridge types should I start refilling?
That depends on your market. Quickfill Online can help you determine this during training.
What success rate can I expect?
The recycling success rate or yield varies by cartridge type. For example the 51626 has an average yield of 85-95% whereas the 51629 can be expected to be at 65-85%. One of the reasons is the difference in the quality of the housings. The 51629 cartridges tend to have many physical defects such as vacuum leaks between housing and lid, loose contacts, etc.
How important is the cleaning process?
Successfully cleaning the cartridges and unclogging the nozzles is one of the keys to a profitable recycling operation. The difference can mean a 50% increase in recycling cartridge yield.
What cleaning method should I use?
Different equipment suppliers advocate various cleaning methods. We recommend hot water flushing because it is a gentle cleaning method. The right equipment is key, very hot steam could damage the ink supply channels underneath the nozzle plate in HP cartridges. Ultrasonic cleaning by itself is highly effective, but at an incorrect frequency and amplitude will destroy the nozzle area. All cleaning equipment offered by Quickfill Online has been tested for the best results.
If I buy a filling machine, can I start recycling cartridges?
Not quite. Refilling is only part of the recycling process. The exact process depends on the cartridge type. In general it includes:
a) electrical testing of the circuit
b) cleaning and unclogging of nozzles
c) refilling
d) test printing
e) sealing of print head
f) packaging
Where can I buy the best ink?
There are numerous good ink manufacturers in the USA as well as Europe, but no one manufacturer has the best ink for all different types of cartridges. Quickfill Online has gone through extensive testing in its production facility to find the best ink for each cartridge type. We sell only the best inks that we can find, thereby improving your success rate.
What is the minimum number of cartridges I need to recycle per month to justify buying your machines?
Assuming a 1 year payback on all equipment is needed, USD 1.00 for recycling supplies including ink, plus the cost of the empty cartridge (if any), one can start to recycle cartridges professionally with as little as 50 cartridges per month. Read this for an overview of the Return On Investment for the Inkjet Starter Package.
When I buy your machine, will I be able to recycle all the different cartridges with just the operations manual as a guide?
Yes, the recycling process varies from cartridge to cartridge. When you buy our machines, you receive a comprehensive technical operations and cartridge refilling manual. The manual, does contains not only instruction on how to operate the machine, but has step-by-step instructions on how to refill cartridges.
Quickfill Online is the only equipment supplier worldwide who also offers a Free comprehensive training class, in our facility. Knowing the process is the key to a successful recycling operation.
How important is the print test?
In order to guarantee high quality, it is essential to print test all remanufactured cartridges. This can be done using printers or special testing equipment. Ask your sales representative for more information.