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Customer Testimonials

Mark and D'Ann Mowery
The Ink Garage
Lewistown, PA
Starting our own business has changed our lives!!! It is the best thing we have ever done.  We researched 4 different equipment dealers before making our purchase and we felt your equipment and reputation was the best by far AND NOW WE KNOW IT'S A FACT!
We have grown from it just being Mark or I here full time and the other one of us working to adding 3 part-time employees working for us!  There is a definite need in this economy for places like ours, and your equipment has performed wonderfully.
We also could not have grown and obtained our high quality reputation without the training and ongoing technical support that Lou has given us.  His knowledge and support has helped us to become better at what we do and set the standards very high for anyone else to come in and compete with us.
Thanks again so much for all you and your staff has done and continues to do for us!”
Bill Masters
Lakeland, FL
I have been open for 2 and a half years. When I started, I worked alone but I worked hard and smart. I have since added an Inkjet technician, a Toner technician and two salespeople. We do a lot of networking, attending Chamber of Commerce meetings and joining business networking groups where I meet many fellow business people who need our services. Our business has grown every month since we opened. I am more than happy to talk with any prospective new customers about how Quickfill Online has helped me build a successful business.”  
Mark Rodriguez
Missouri City, TX
I trained with the guys at Quickfill Online in November 2008. My background is Information Technology and I kept my day job as I worked on building this business from my home workshop. About a year ago it had grown to the point where I could confidently do this full time.
Whenever I have needed moral or technical support, Lou & Stan have been available to help me out. I could not have grown my business as successfully without their training, equipment and ongoing support. The training got me off on the right foot and the technical support has kept me on the right path. My business has been growing every month since I started and I could not have done it without the team at Quickfill Online! 
Kay Busbey
The Tiger Ink Spot
Tiger, GA
Kay opened her store in August of 2008, in a small mountain town in northeast Georgia. She had to prove herself to the community due to some sub-standard refilling experiences in the past. Three things helpedher store establish a successful refilling service - the assistance of our Business Development Program, offering free samples to the skeptics and receiving the best kind of advertising around, word of mouth referrals. A business started during difficult economic times has proven to be recession resistant while saving their customers lots of money and protecting the environment.
Everybody wants to save money and the community is extremely happy we opened our business. Our customers are very loyal and want to see us succeed. They rock and so do we!”  
Doug GrinnellSatisfied Quickfill Online Customers
Elizabethtown, KY
Quickfill Online is the place to be for me.  They have the technical know-how and training to start you out in the right direction. I could not have asked for a better business to be in."  
UPDATE – Doug started his business over 4 years ago. He now has 2 locations to better serve his customers. 
Samuel Jackson
MGMT Computers & Network Centre
Alberttown, Guyana, South America

I am truly pleased to have been involved with you and your team at Quickfill. You know, I was not at all sure as to what to expect going into this business but with the materials I got from you guys really did well in covering key areas like marketing, products, technique, costing. That totally gave me the "know how" to get in and get going on my own in as little as two days... 


I really knew that I was not alone after the support from you guys and the fact that the equipment and refill materials not only were easy to use but I did not have to worry about how well the product works for my clients. That does give me a great sense of relief. I was so sure and successful with the ink that I now have started the toner remanufacturing about two months ago and again the possibilities are wide open....


The profits from these investments are really showing up and I am so eager to take my business to the next level... thanks again guys. For anyone trying to get into this business for themselves, the Quickfill Online team is certainly supportive and the products are definitely going to keep you in the business.


Many thanks to your team!