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Free Inkjet and Toner Training


Quickfill Online offers a Free Training course in our facility, with the purchase of the equipment. We can accommodate the training in your facility for an additional charge.


Inkjet Training Course: Free with the purchase of the Quickfill Inkjet Machine


Toner Training Course: Free with the Purchase of the Toner Dust Collector


Do you want to come to Training before making a decision?


No Problem! Before you make any financial commitment, we recommend taking our training program. We believe that a business owner's research is not complete until hands-on training is done. After training you will be able to decide what equipment you need for your business.


Inkjet cartridge Refilling Training ClassesQuickfill Online offers training classes for Inkjet and Toner cartridge refilling. Come to Charlotte and learn with the experts. The training program is designed to give you all the technical know-how that you need, but most of all, we will teach you the right way, so you stay in business for a long time. Since 2001 our experience trainers have been helping beginners and franchisees to get started in this great Business Opportunity.


Training is normally given twice a month. To check the current schedule call (704) 780-4878 Mon - Fri 9 AM - 6 PM.


Upon request we can provide the training in Spanish and Portuguese.


Payment for training is expected in advance. If you decide to purchase the equipment, the cost of training will be applied towards the purchase of your equipment. Restrictions apply, please contact a sales associate for details.



Training Fees:

Inkjet Training: $350.00 per person, $175.00 per each additional trainee.

Toner Training: $350.00 per person, $175.00 per each additional trainee.


Inkjet Training Overview


- Business Presentation

- Inkjet equipment: QuickFill inkjet machine, Ultrasonic, QuickSteam, ProWasher and Centrifuge

- Identification and Classification of ink cartridges

- What is a good empty cartridge?

- Receiving and Inspecting black empty cartridges

- Types of Ink

- Working with QuickFill inkjet machine

- Inkjet Cartridge Refilling, hands on practice

- Test Printing

- Labeling and Packaging

- Troubleshooting

- Questions and Answers



Toner Training OverviewToner cartridge refilling training classes

- Business Presentation

- Toner equipment: Toner Dust Collector, Toner Vacuum, etc.

- Identification of laser cartridges

- Life of a toner cartridge

- Cost of the empties and remanufactured cartridges

- HP vs. non-HP cartridges

- Cartridge components function, cleaning, handling

- Frequently asked questions

- How to set up your remanufacturing business

- The Basics: Laser Printers

- The Basics: Toner Cartridge Theory

- Toner cartridge refilling, hands on practice

- Print testing and troubleshooting

- Common cartridge defects

- Sealing cartridges

- Packaging and labeling

- Questions and answers



Please note: Quickfill Online does not offer financial advice as to how to conduct your business nor do we make income promises. We can refer you to a few cartridge refilling business owners who can discuss this venture with you. We strictly offer training on how to refill ink and toner cartridges, products that perform the cartridge refilling process and technical support for owners of Quickfill Onlineā€™s proprietary equipment.