Compatible InksSuccessful inkjet cartridge recycling depends first and foremost on good ink! Print quality can be preserved if you are sure that whatever ink, cartridge, or any other component you use is designed to work with the specific printer.Quickfill Online's quality inks guarantee that your refilled cartridge printing will turn out great while saving your customer's money over original cartridges, too!The printer manufacturers always suggest the use of their brand of ink in their printers. Some manufacturers go to the point of warning consumers about problems that recycled ink cartridges or generic inks can cause. Since printer manufactures make more profits from the sales of ink cartridges than anything else, they don't want the consumer to think that there are other viable alternatives.Printers are sophisticated machines that use advanced technology to work. All their components need to be able to function together. This does not mean that the ink made by the printer's company is the only ink that is safe to use in that printer.Cartridges can be refilled with good quality ink that is compatible with the printer model. So feel confident that the inks offered by Quickfill Online have been tested and chosen to work for the specific cartridges!